ScreeniTM HD


High Definition Display Screen

ScreeniTM HD is much more than a simple touch screen, the viewing system incorporates an algorithm that ensures the display of a high-definition image.

Screeni Video Station

The ScreeniTM can be connected to a full HD 21.5’’ medical touchscreen and mounted on a IV pole. This external screen is easy to operate and the perfect size and format for a variety of applications.

High-definition system

Enhanced image treatment algorithm and light management system:

  • Decreased overexposure when close to the tissue
  • Enables superior near and distal vision

Quick connection and transportable system

The ScreeniTM is equipped with a quick-connect bracket enabling the system to be attached to an IV pole. Mobile and lightweight so that it can be easily used in often small spaces. BroncoflexTM Agile and Vortex endoscopes can be suspended on the ScreeniTM support feet for use in an instant.

Key Advantages

  • The Screeni HD also has two metal hooks that can be used to hold a number of scopes or stand the Screeni HD on a flat surface
  • Its intuitive operation allows taking of pictures or videos easy during the procedure.
  • All pictures have the ability to be viewed later after transferring to a USB memory stick. Comes with HDMI capability.
  • The Screeni HD is compatible only with The Surgical Company sterile disposable Bronchoscopes.
  • It has a battery life of up to 3 hours.

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