A Single Use Sterile Video Bronchoscope.

The Broncoflex is a flexible video bronchoscope made in France by The Surgical Company. It is available in 2 sizes and compatible with the Screeni HD to give a superior image.

For use in Operating Theatres, Intensive Care Units and the Bronchoscopy Suite.

Available in two sizes

  • Broncoflex “Vortex” 5.6/2.8*
  • Broncoflex “Agile” 3.9/1.4*
  • *Distal Tip (mm) / Working Channel (mm)

Key Advantages

  • Two sizes, more options, less expense
  • Sterile and coming straight out of the packet the Broncoflex eliminates any risk of cross contamination.
  • Available at any time and always ready for use enhancing patient safety.
  • Unique HD image quality that allows for quick and effective diagnosis.
  • Ergonomically designed and adaptable.
  • Fully mobile unit that can be used at the patient’s bedside.
  • Saves valuable time and is cost effective (Eliminates repair and reprocessing costs).
  • They can be easy to identify thanks to their colored ring


  • Difficult and selective intubation

  • One lung ventilation (Broncoflex Agile)

  • Percutaneous Tracheostomy

  • Bronchial exploration:

    • Broncho-alveolar lavage
    • Protected specimen brush sampling
    • Remove airway secretions
    • Make an emergency diagnosis

The Broncoflex Allows You To

  • Perform bronchial explorations with confidence thanks to the flexibility and range of it’s deflection
  • Diagnose quickly through quality images
  • Save and share information
  • Assist with staff training
  • Overcome the constraints of standard endoscope disinfection
  • Cost effective and saves valuable time

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